Caprock Health Group Acquires

Verity National Group

We are excited to announce that Verity National Group is now a part of Caprock Health Group. As we transition Verity National Group to Caprock, we will continue to make the Verity website available to all clients and provide support for all users.

For information about the Caprock Health Group merger with Verity National Group Click Here

Because Experience Matters...

Everyone will tell you that experience matters. What they don't say is that they're talking about THEIR experience, not yours. At Verity National, we're different. We care as much about YOUR experience as you do ours.

Our performance metrics are among the best in the industry but that's only half the story. Verity National performs, measures and manages from our customers' point of view.

Functional expertise can't compensate for poor customer service. Cutting edge technology is useless unless it actually works. As a Verity National client, you receive real world, real time risk and benefit solutions, not a recycled "one size fits all" product.

Verity National has been partnering with select insurance agencies and brokerages for over twenty years to help manage the ever-increasing cost of employee benefits. We invite you to experience the Verity National difference.